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Public Has 7 Days to Get Rolls of the New Jeffersons for Face Value

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Public Has 7 Days to Get Rolls of the New Jeffersons for Face Value

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"They're practically clawing each other's eyes out to get these Jefferson Nickels."

So says Timothy Miltonhall, Chief of Coin Operations.

"The 6 week advance release of the U.S. Mint's® new Jefferson Nickel came as a complete surprise. That's why we are going ahead with shipments of the full unbroken bankrolls of these brilliant Uncirculated coins to those who call the National hotline within 7 days," confirmed Miltonhall of the non-government controlled World Reserve Monetary Exchange.

And here's why everyone is scrambling to get them.

It is the first ever face-on depiction of a president on a U.S. Coin. Ever since coins have been minted in the U.S. the presidents have been shown only in profile. But now, these newly designed 2006 Nickels show a fresh image of Jefferson in which he is looking forward.

'First issue' coins like these have been highly sought after by collectors in the past, and their values fluctuate dramatically. For example, a full bankroll of Uncirculated Buffalo nickels from the first year they were issued are now worth up to $26,000.00.

Even more impressive is another very recent Jefferson Nickel, a 'First Issue' coin minted in 2004. In only 2 years these uncirculated coins have already increased in value by an astonishing 1,098%.

Mint Officials predict the new Jefferson Nickels will not start showing up in pocket change for months.

"No one has to wait that long. But when they finally do show up in change, those coins will be of no use to collectors anyway because the coins used for change get damaged every time they are handled or thrown into a cash drawer," Miltonhall warned.

"But the new coins we are releasing right now are Uncirculated and in unbroken bankrolls. There is no wait. They have never been in the hands of the public. They are in the same excellent quality as when they left the U.S. Mint. Uncirculated coins with this high level of quality are the only ones most likely to increase in value. …

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