Magazine article Volta Voices

AG Bell Honors of the Association: KATHLEEN S. TRENI M.Ed., M.A

Magazine article Volta Voices

AG Bell Honors of the Association: KATHLEEN S. TRENI M.Ed., M.A

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Kathleen Treni has been a leading catalyst in support of listening and spoken language for over 38 years as a longtime member of AG Bell and an individual with hearing loss as well as a preeminent professional in our field supporting the next generation. From 2010 to 2012, she served as president of AG Bell's Board of Directors and lefther mark on the organization. Her efforts continue to inspire hope that with persistence, imagination and dedication, any initiative great or small can be achieved.

Treni is no stranger to inspiring others, educating and empowering everyone she meets. Much like the great Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, she exemplifies leadership and has the power to inspire, influence and shape lives for the better. Treni's leadership and contributions to the field give AG Bell great pride to present her with its Honors of the Association Award, which is given to those who have demonstrated dedication and sustained efforts toward AG Bell's mission.

This award acknowledges Treni's continuous contributions, innovation and progressive thinking. Sharing her personal experiences of growing up deaf with hearing parents, she has been a true pioneer for AG Bell and its programs and students.

"There are some things one does not expect to receive, and this is one honor I never expected to receive from the Alexander Graham Bell Association," Treni said. "I humbly accept this on behalf of all who work with families and in education of the deaf and hard of hearing. I do understand why I have received it. I have dedicated my entire professional life to working with children with hearing loss. I have supported and worked hard to advocate for listening and spoken language to families who choose this avenue for their children. I have also dedicated years to the association through my involvement in different capacities. Yet, there are hundreds who are similarly dedicated and committed to the same work-that's why I wish to share this honor with all of my colleagues in the field."

Treni is the 37th recipient of AG Bell's Honors of the Association Award, which was first presented in 1964 to Justice Harold Hitz Burton, who played a major role in the Supreme Court's unanimous ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 case that ruled the segregation of public schools was unconstitutional. Past recipients include former AG Bell President Kathleen Sussman, Mildred Oberkotter, Dr. Stephen Epstein, Helen Beebe, Doreen Pollack, Bruce A. Goldstein, Esq., Ken Levinson, Inez Janger, and John Stanton, among others.

"I am in awe of those who came before me! They are my mentors. They are friends. I have had the opportunity to work side by side with most of them," she said. "The old adage that one becomes like the people you surround yourself with must be true. All these leaders have been a fixture of my own personal and professional life for over 40 years."

Inspiring the Next Generation

Treni began her career as a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, working with students from early intervention through 12th grade. …

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