Magazine article Dance Spirit

Which Dance Movie Heroine Is Your Spirit Animal?

Magazine article Dance Spirit

Which Dance Movie Heroine Is Your Spirit Animal?

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1. What three words best describe you?

a. Kind, earnest, insecure

b. Hardworking, confident, stubborn

c. Idealistic, loyal, shy

d. Driven, meticulous, anxious

2. How do you feel about dating fellow dancers?

a. I know it's risky, but I can't help myself!

b. I do tend to fall for my partners.

c. I've only ever loved one guy-and yup, he's a dancer.

d. Who has time for that?

3. How's your relationship with your parents?

a. They're a little clueless, but we love each other.

b. My mom is supportive, though I wish she took my dancing a little more seriously.

c. I look up to them, but they don't always understand me.

d. My mom is basically my manager- she's wayyy into my career.

4. What's your favorite dance genre?

a. I'm devoted to ballet, but jazz and hip hop are super-fun!

b. I do a little bit of everything.

c. Ballroom. But I'm learning how to get down and dirty, too.

d. Ballet. ONLY BALLET.

5. What correction do you get most frequently in the studio?

a. "Watch your turnout."

b. I tend to be the one giving the corrections.

c. "Spaghetti arms! You gotta hold the frame."

d. "Let go! Attack it!"

6. What's your biggest secret?

a. I had a fling with a famous dancer!

b. I talk down to my dance partner, but that's because I have a huge crush on him!

c. Oh my gosh, I have so many secrets going on right now, and that makes me really anxious!

d. I may or may not be completely losing my mind!

7. Which songs are basically the soundtrack of your life?

a. "Canned Heat," by Jamiroquai; "Candy," by Mandy Moore; and "The Way You Make Me Feel," by Michael Jackson

b. …

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