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To Dem or not to Dem?

Socialists should forget about the Democratic Party and build a strong alternative ("Should Democratic Socialists Be Democrats?", May). The Democrats have shown time and again that when the choice is between people and corporations, the latter come first. This is not what socialists stand for and cannot be something we set aside for tactical advantage-principles are not for compromise.

The last election showed that the word socialism is no longer scary in America, and many young people identify as socialists. It's time to build on those sentiments and have a real alternative to the corporate parties.

Aref Nammari

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The problem with this debate is that those who oppose participating in Democratic Party politics obfuscate two things.

First, Bernie Sanders'campaign only had the impact it did because of the strategic decision to run in the Democratic primary. Anyone who asserts that Sanders would have performed similarly running as an independent is smoking the good stuff.

Second, the tactical decision to support or run as Democrats does not preclude doing work in mass movements.

Rather than harp on the straw man of whether to tactically decide to run as or support Democrats, a more fruitful discussion would focus on our method of mass movement work.

Eric Robertson

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Democrats should be Democratic democratic socialists if they want to win.

Gary P. Grubbs

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Philanthropy woes

It's too bad that a writer as smart as Chris Lehmann didn't engage more fully with the complex questions about wealth, democracy and philanthropy raised by my book ("Our Philanthropic Overlords," May). …

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