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Memorable Moments

Magazine article Variety

Memorable Moments

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1 The Americans

Season 5, ep. 9


After a brief glimpse earlier in the season, we finally learn what's become of poor Martha (Alison Wright) in her new life in the USSR. It's not exactly a pretty picture, but the superb performances of Wright and Frank Langella speak volumes, even when the characters don't say a word.

2 Atlanta

Season 1, ep. 2

"Streets on Lock," FX

When Donald Glover's Earn, cooling his heels in jail, spots a mentally ill man drinking from a toilet, it looks at first like very dark comedy. But when that man spits the water on an officer and receives a ferocious beating, it becomes clear that "Atlanta" will be shoved into no half-hour comedy box, dark or otherwise.

The Bachelor

Season 21, ep. 13

"After the Final Rose," ABC

"Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay stole the spotlight from her ex Nick Viall after his March 13 finale, when ABC brought on a handful of Lindsay's suitors onto "After the Final Rose" to drum up attention for her groundbreaking season as "The Bachelor" franchise's first African-American star.

3 Better Call Saul

Season 3, ep. 5

"Chicanery," AMC

The long battle between the McGill brothers came to a head in - where else? - the courtroom, where, under cross-examination, Bob Odenkirk's Jimmy asks Chuck to pull out a battery planted inside his suit pocket. That stunt opens the door for Saul Goodman.

Big Little Lies

Ep. 7

"You Get What You Need," HBO

After singing a plaintive rendition of "Don't" at the school fundraiser, Zoe Kravitz's Bonnie observes Celeste and Perry interacting in the crowd - and realizes something is terribly wrong between the glamorous couple indelibly portrayed by Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard.


Season 3, ep. 12

"Lemons," ABC

Two months after the election, Kenya Barris finally addressed Donald Trump's presidential victory on his hit sitcom. The episode aired nine days before the inauguration, at a time when many needed to be pulled out of a funk, and he gave it his best shot, examining the divisive win from diverging viewpoints.

4 Black Mirror

Season 3, ep. 1

"Nosedive," Netflix

Bryce Dallas Howard gives a bravura performance as a woman struggling to keep her placid exterior, lest she receive negative votes, while dealing with an airline representative. We've all been there.

Bojack Horseman

Season 3, ep. 11

"That's Too Much, Man!," Netflix

After two seasons of telling us tiny pieces of the story of child-actor-turned-addict Sarah Lynn, "BoJack Horseman" gives us a whole episode focused on her - only to kill her during a joint bender with BoJack. Before she goes, she tells BoJack she always wanted to be an architect.

Crazy ExGirlfriend

Season 2, ep. 3

"All Signs Point to Josh ... Or Is It Josh's Friend?," The CW

In a send-up of a famous Marilyn Monroe routine, Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) tries to do the math on having two love interests, and the entire setup gives the writers and musical team a chance to do create some brilliant and witty wordplay revolving around Rebecca's love life and her neuroses.

The Crown

Season 1, ep. 6

"Gelignite," Netflix

Princess Margaret asks her sister - Queen Elizabeth, who is her "sovereign" - permission to marry, overflowing girlishly with love, hope, insecurity, rebelliousness and then pure joy as the queen transforms from reserved monarch to loving sister in granting her assent.

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Jan. 26,

"Laurence Fishburne," Comedy Central

Trevor Noah truly came into his own in the last year, and no moment was more jaw-dropping, silly and hilarious than when he revealed he had been sent the giant cake from Trump's inauguration.

Dear White People

Season 1, ep. 5

"Chapter V," Netflix

Director Barry Jenkins expertly demonstrates how a racially charged incident can quickly spin out of control when student Reggie (Marque Richardson) stops by a college party, and he and Richardson also do an impassioned job of showing the daily costs that African-American men pay in a world that makes them feel unwelcome and unsafe. …

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