Magazine article Screen International

Cannes: Screen at 40 - Colin Vaines, Co-Editor (1982-83)

Magazine article Screen International

Cannes: Screen at 40 - Colin Vaines, Co-Editor (1982-83)

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Colin leftScreen to run the UK's National Film Development Fund and went on to senior executive roles at Columbia Pictures, Miramax Films, The Weinstein Company and Graham King's GK Films. He returned to freelance production in 2010 with Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus.

Biggest Cannes drama?

Facing the wrath of a Very Famous American Director after tracking him down in Cannes and interviewing him about a notoriously troubled production that had yet to be finished, and then being told the interview was offthe record.

Very young and very green, I knew nonetheless that I had a scoop, and ambition overcame discretion. Cue explosive appearance the following morning by said director, who screamed, shouted and hurled the contents of my in-tray into my face.

His (completely understandable) rant was only interrupted by one of the sub-editors, whose expertise was in getting a daily paper out, not in the workings of the film industry. His wonderfully bathetic interjection - "Who are you, love?" - rings in my ears to this day.

Favourite Cannes moment?

From memory, I never got to sit in the editor's chair during Cannes, as my tenure started and ended between festivals; and in any case, the late, great Peter Noble was still pretty much fulfilling the role even in my later years at the paper.

As a hack labouring away in the salt mines, being paid very low wages, it was probably the time I was queuing to interview David Bowie at the height of his fame, when he was in Cannes to promote Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.

My good friend Chris Auty, who was working for The Hollywood Reporter at the time, was next in line, and we immediately realised that if we put our pathetic 15 minute slots together, we might get a decent interview out of the man. So we did, and we did!

I think both Chris and I earned more out of reselling that interview over and over to magazines around the world than we ever made at our respective publications. …

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