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Sundance 2017 Announces VR Projects for New Frontier Section

Magazine article Screen International

Sundance 2017 Announces VR Projects for New Frontier Section

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The eleventh New Frontier programme includes storyworlds in Augmented Reality headsets, and a VR beauty salon producing neuroscience data.

Established VR artist Chris Milk and Aaron Kobli are behind Life Of Us, while immersive journalist Nonny de la Peña will premiere Out Of Exile: Daniel's Story.

New Frontier will be staged at three Park City venues: Claim Jumper will host ten immersive installations; the VR Palace will feature 17 VR experiences alongside an additional installation; and the VR Bar will offer a line-up of mobile VR.

Three projects are part of the festival's New Climate programme highlighting the environment and climate change.

Shari Frilot, Sundance Film Festival senior programmer and chief curator, New Frontier, said: "In an era that has recalibrated economies, redefined social realms and rewired the connection between the individual and the world, we must also reimagine what it is to be human.

"Through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and various crafted immersive experiences, New Frontier this year challenges the very nature of perception and what we consider to be 'reality.'"

The Sundance Film Festival is scheduled to run in Park City, Salt Lake City and at Sundance Mountain Resort from January 19-29.

All synopses provided by Sundance Film Festival. All works hail from the US unless stated otherwise.


18 Black Girls / Boys Ages 1-18 Who Have Arrived At The Singularity And Are Thus Spiritual Machines: $X In An Edition Of $97 Quadrillion

Artist: Terence Nance

In this pair of performances, the artist Googles the phrase "one-year-old black boy" and "one-year-old black girl", ascending in age to 18, allowing Google's "popular searches" algorithm to populate what words will follow.

Did You Wonder Who Fired The Gun?

Artist: Travis Wilkerson

This documentary murder mystery about the artist's own family is a Southern Gothic torn apart and reassembled. Journeying straight into the black heart of a family and country, this multimedia performance explores a forgotten killing by the artist's great- grandfather - a white Southern racist - of a black man in lower Alabama.

Cast: Travis Wilkerson.

World Without End (No Reported Incidents) (USA-UK)

Artist: Jem Cohen

Close observations around Southend-on-Sea, a small English town along the Thames estuary, reveal not only everyday streets, everyday birds, unflagging tides, mud and sky, but also prize-winning Indian curries, an encyclopaedic universe of hats and a nearly-lost world of proto-punk music.


A Selection Of Single-Channel Works By The Collective A Normal Working Day? /(Switzerland )

A Normal Working Day is an artist collective consisting of the installation artist Zimoun and the choreographers and dancers Delgado Fuchs (Marco Delgado, Nadine Fuchs). Formed from the bodies of the two performers, these splendidly hypnotic projections are visual rabbit holes that shimmer with a presence that is larger than the sum of their parts.

Full Turn (Switzerland)

Artist: Benjamin Muzzin

This installation explores the notion of the third dimension with the desire to get out of the usual frame of a flat screen. The rotation of two tablets creates a three- dimensional, animated sequence that can be seen at 360 degrees, unlike any other type of display.

Heartcorps: Riders Of The Storyboard

Artist: dandypunk

Follow the story of Particle, a two-dimensional light being, as you walk through the pages of a giant, immersive comic book. Hand-drawn illustrations come to life around you using projection-mapping technology, while high-level Cirque du Soleil performers interact with animated characters in this "digital light poem."

Cast: Ekenah Claudin, Elon Höglund, Youssef El Toufali, Jenni Gamas.


Artist: Melissa Painter

The setting: An extravagant movie palace where silent films were shown. …

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