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EU Cuts MEDIA Programme Budget for 2016

Magazine article Screen International

EU Cuts MEDIA Programme Budget for 2016

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The European Commission (EC) is set to cut over $1.1m (euro1m) from the 2016 budget for Creative Europe's MEDIA sub-programme compared to 2015, according to the annual work programme for next year.

The sub-programme's budget for 2016 has been set at $116.3m (euro103.4m) - compared to $117.5m (euro104.5m) in the current year – with reductions planned in the budgets made available to support initiatives in the areas of market access, festivals, sales agents and the automatic scheme of distribution for non-national European films.

Training and development

While the programme budget for training measures will be pegged at euro8.2m (euro7.3m), the number of initiatives being supported will fall from 2015's 80 to 55, although the average value of each contract is expected to rise from $112,510 (euro100,000) to $149,457 (euro132,839).

Similarly, the budget for the development of single projects and slates will remain at the 2015 level of $19.7m (euro17.5m), although the total number of projects to be funded will decrease from 240 to 205 (single projects: 125, slate funding: 80).

An additional $112,510 (euro100,000) is being provided for the development of European video games – from 2015's $2.8m (euro2.5m) to $2.92m (euro2.6m) – but will now be distributed among more projects (from 20 to 25).

Moreover, the budget for supporting the television programing of European audiovisual works will increase from 2015's $13.3m (euro11.8m) to $14m (euro12.5m) to back around 50 TV drama, animation or creative documentary productions with average funding of $281,275 (euro250,000) each.

Cuts to market access and sales

According to the 2016 work programme, the budgets for support to market access and international sales agents will be cut year-on-year by $1.1m (euro1m), respectively.

After allocating $9m (euro8m) to 50 access to markets actions in 2015, $7.8m (euro7m) is now being made available for 55 activities held between mid-2016 and mid-2017.

Again, this would mean that the average value of contracts slips from 2015's $180,000 (euro160,000) to $143,000 (euro127,273) next year.

Support for around 50 sales or distribution actions by international sales agents for recent European films is set to be reduced from this year's $2.9m (euro2.6m) to $1.8m (euro1.6m), with the average payment shrinking from $67,000 (euro60,000) to $36,000 (euro32,000).

Distribution & Exhibition

The budget for MEDIA's cinema automatic scheme for the distribution of non-national European films is due to be cut by $1.1m (euro1m) from 2015's $23. …

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