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Artificial Intelligence: Not Your Father’s Toolbox

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Artificial Intelligence: Not Your Father’s Toolbox

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Although it may be a while before we all have an IBM Watson supercomputer on our desks, there are a number of artificial intelligence (AI) business tools that park and recreation agencies can use right now to help them run smarter and faster.

"It is inevitable that within five years most businesses and agencies will host some sort of AI tool," says Adolfo Cruz, director of parks, recreation and community services in Riverside, California. "AI technology will infiltrate even the public sector."

Cory Long, special events and marketing coordinator for Central Point Parks and Recreation in Oregon, adds, "It's my opinion that artificial intelligence tools will become a major part of daily operations within parks and recreation. Some of the influences for the transition to a more AI-integrated system are water conservation, fiscal responsibility and efficiency."

Essentially, these next-generation AI wonders tap into the technology's ability to do a lot of the thinking and strategizing for you. Of course, it's always your call if you want to trust an entity whose heart literally beats with all the warmth of an Intel, or similar, multiprocessor. But if you're curious about what the future of business software will look like for park and rec agencies, here's a sampling of what's coming down the pike:

AI App Makers

You can start dabbling in artificial intelligence right now - and for free - with open source software like Datumbox (, Lexalytics ( and Bitext ( Targeted at organizations with one or more programmers on staff - or an extremely brave PC power-user - Datumbox is an AI platform that enables you to design and build your own AI apps from scratch. Specific tools you can create with Datumbox include:

AI Sentiment Analyzers: These tools en- able you to unleash an app on the web, social media and similar digital locations that will see what people are saying about your agency and/or programs and services, and also determine if the sentiments behind those posts are positive, negative or neutral.

AI Text Readability Analysis: This tool can be used to ensure that your marketing copy is extremely accessible or, conversely, appeals to a more discriminating audience.

AI Gender Analysis: Whether it's soaring praise or withering criticism, this tool will enable you to determine who's behind posts about your agency and whether that person is male or female. …

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