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5 Ways to Start Using Snapchat as a Storyteller

Magazine article The Quill

5 Ways to Start Using Snapchat as a Storyteller

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SNAPCHAT. Love it or hate it, its definitely a social network you need to be aware of as a storyteller. Why? Because Snapchat reportedly gets 8 billion video views per day. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a piece of that pie.

The best way to use Snapchat is to tell a story about your area of expertise, about a story you're covering for your news outlet and to give your followers - on all platforms - the opportunity to learn more about you.

Journalists covering hard news may feel uncomfortable sharing more about themselves as individuals, but that is the best way to cultivate an engaged following that will follow you through your career. The best part of this: You can leverage your community in salary negotiations and more (which is a topic for another article).

Here, we're talking about how to use your expert storytelling skills on a new media platform to expand your brand and reach online.

Snapchat is a platform that focuses on sharing quick messages, photos and videos. It can be downloaded and shared on other platforms to increase your Snapchat following and reach on other platforms as well. You can create content once in Snapchat and use it across platforms ... before you go back in and make it "Snapchat-y."


The best way to be popular on Snapchat is to tell a good story. Show where you are, show what you're seeing, and tell the story through video and photos.


You can film videos on Snapchat that can be used on different platforms. …

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