Magazine article Soundings

The Man Who

Magazine article Soundings

The Man Who

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I was frightened stiff by a lot of my characters.

David Bowie

Wow boy you've got some nerve -

bitten down, a sliver of live line,

stuttering filament, blown,

wired up all wrong, strung out

and going like a striplight, too

thin, I tell you, you're too thin!

A shock a finger-in-a-socket,

blue, electric blue and fine,

fine like cocaine, fine like flickknives,

scissored-out, snuck out the back of the

catwalk, fine like nail files,

first live birth

of the space age, dead in the wreckage

but always climbing out, always stepping

through a door

into the new, new

white-hot new,

cut in acrylics, crystalline,

one hundred thousand miles

of chrome and foil,

or wicked in pinstripes, drainpipes,

slick, tooled up

but kid,

what happens when the mask sticks? …

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