Magazine article New Internationalist

Marcela's Recipe of the Month

Magazine article New Internationalist

Marcela's Recipe of the Month

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This dish may seem a bit challenging at first glance, but is guaranteed to impress your guests!

There are a number of versions. A la brésilienne, featured here, is hot and trending. A la paraguayenne and a la hondurienne are other options, which can be eaten cold. (I've heard from British friends that there's even one called 'oh brexit', but no-one can tell me what it is!)

Utensils: You will need a Le Creuset élite kitchen set; a steak hammer or similar tenderizer; a large spoon with holes in it (to remove moral fibre); a set of sharp knives.

Method: Chop up the beef into large mouth-sized chunks. Soak in the marinade, keeping the peaches to one side.

Keep your post-coup policies lined up and ready, so that they can be introduced quickly at the right moment. Season with Austerity Bitters™.

Heat the oil in a large pan over a high flame. Add a handful of discord seeds and heat until they crackle. Introduce the firm and juicy contracts. Toss in the beef and the self-serving politicians. Stir. Keep the dish liquid with regular lashings of bribe-juice (any brand will do). Add the dough balls. …

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