Magazine article Montessori Life

LETTERS FROM the Editors

Magazine article Montessori Life

LETTERS FROM the Editors

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Life is a cosmic agent. How shall this truth be presented to the children so as to strike their imagination? Perhaps the child is likely to be most impressed by size, and the tremendous extent and magnitude of life on the globe may be easily introduced because he already has in his possession the power of numbers.

-Maria Montessori

The winter issue of Montessori Life coincides with the year's first taste of cold weather.

The science of this transition is clear: When the earth's northern hemisphere is oriented away from the sun, the sun's rays are less direct, and that part of Earth cools. It's winter. (

But what of our transitions? In this issue, we endeavor to take the reader far from Earth and back in time, with a journey into the realm of human emotions in between.

Consider Pluto: Is it a planet or not? Pluto's discovery and naming provide a base for compelling classroom activities, a unique view of our solar system, and the story of a young girl with a creative mind (p. …

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