Magazine article Montessori Life

Last Laugh

Magazine article Montessori Life

Last Laugh

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I was talking with my 8-year-old as we rode in the car:

Sascha: "Mom, do we have a lawyer?"

Me: "Um, not particularly. I know lots of lawyers though. Do we need one?"

Sascha: "Well, I'd really like to sue someone."

Me: "You would? For what?"

Sascha: "I hear you can sue people for the dumbest things."

Molly Foran Yurchak

Pasadena, CA

I was giving a lesson on Land, Air, and Water to a 3-yearold. I matched the objects with the corresponding element in the bottle. Then it was the 3-year-old's turn.

After placing the objects, he asked me to check his work.

Me: "I see you have matched all the objects well. But why is the dog placed under "Air"?

Child: "Dogs can be in the air."

Me: "How?"

Child: "When they fly in the airplane!"

I laugh, I learn, and I cherish every day I spend with these children!

Lakshmi Ramshankar Healthy Beginnings Montessori

Dallas, TX

Our weather lately has been exceptionally rainy, and, as a result, a few sinkholes have formed in flooded areas. My 9-year-old son was talking about one he'd seen on his way home from school and how it was blocked off so nobody would fall in it. …

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