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Spurlock Turns Chicken in Sequel to ‘Super Size’

Magazine article Variety

Spurlock Turns Chicken in Sequel to ‘Super Size’

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MORGAN SPURLOCK is back baiting the big food industry with "Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!" In 2004's Oscar-nominated "Super Size Me," the filmmaker took on McDonald's. He now tackles the chicken industry by opening his own fastfood chicken franchise to investigate and challenge the multibillion-dollar business of chicken. The fast-food business has changed dramatically since Spurlock's first film, adopting "healthy" and "natural" as buzz words. But are consumers getting the whole truth? "Super Size Me 2," which played Sept. 8, follows Spurlock from raising poultry to opening a restaurant, in trying to answer that question, as well as others.

The first film was a pointed look at the fast-food industry's effect on America's health. What does the second film focus on?

A lot of what the film really does do is pull back this curtain of how the food industry manipulates and lies to us and how they create this façade.

Do you go after McDonald's in this film?

The focus is chicken and the chicken industry. Chicken is the most eaten animal on the planet. Using this one industry as a jumping off point was the best way to address multiple restaurants and chains and multiple parts of the food industry that we live in.

You opened a pop-up restaurant last November in Ohio for four days. …

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