Magazine article World Literature Today

Hope Is Lonely

Magazine article World Literature Today

Hope Is Lonely

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People often say that despair is lonely

but I reckon that hope is even lonelier.

Despair might be termed the peace of gravity.

For a pig to become bacon

all it has to do is relax and subside into a pool of blood . . .

and still its head is grinning pink. Despair

has a similar warmth of sorrow.

Hope sometimes provides first aid

but there may sometimes be people who dislike hope's first aid,


Reckoning that despair offers more comfort,

following a bright ray of sunlight trembling in the breeze,

you came from afar to obtain medicine

but being already convinced that the medicine has no effect

your sickness grew worse.

The cactus - hope's totem pole . . .

Even on a night when all the words flew away from the dictionary,

even at that moment like blue lightning

standing quietly before a chair after taking off my shoes,

the word hope barely managed to remain

and because of that one word, I cannot discard everything. …

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