Magazine article In These Times

In Person: Raymond Dehn

Magazine article In These Times

In Person: Raymond Dehn

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RAYMOND DEHN is a pardoned felon, an addict with 40 years in recovery, an architect, a neighborhood organizer and a Minnesota state representative-and now, the front-runner in the 16-way race for mayor of Minneapolis.

Why are you running?

Where you're born, and who you're born to, shouldn't be the determination of your success.

How is the race going?

I'm being outraised around 5 to 1. One of the candidates has spent tens of thousands of dollars of his own money for immediate ad buys. But they're running traditional campaigns-mailing out lots of lit, running ads on TV-and we're knocking on doors and having conversations.

You talk about disarming the police. Why is that important?

Trust between the police departments and the residents is eroded, in part from the militarization of police in conjunction with the war on drugs: military-style vehicles, body armor, camouflage, automatic weapons. We need policing in a very different way, from the point of view of, "I don't see you as an enemy combatant, I see you as a resident of a community that I am responsible to keep safe. …

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