Magazine article Washington Report on the Hemisphere

Key Terms

Magazine article Washington Report on the Hemisphere

Key Terms

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Agriculture: Colombian contract farming 2/з:з-4

Corruption: Odebrecht scandal 1:14-15; Alejandro Toledo 2/3:2-35 Political Corruption and Odebrecht in Panama 13:9; Odebrecht Scandal and Peruvian Infrastructure 14:7-9

Crime: El Salvador murder rates 1:12-13; Brazilian prison riots 1:2-3; Police strike 2/3:67

DEA: DEA involved in clash at Ahuas 12:1-4

Drug Trafficking: Drug Trafficking in Central America 13:1-4; Shift of Methamphetamine Production from the United States to Mexico 18:14 4

Paraguayan education 4/5:13-14

Elections: Haitian president 2/3:5-65 Bolivian presidential terms 4/5:67; Nativism and 2017 Chilean Elections; 2017 Argentine Elections 13:10; Mexico's New Political Coalition and the Benefits for MORENA 17:1-4; AMLO's Platform and Proposed Policy 17:13; 2017 Honduran Elections 17:14; Political Dynamics in 2017 Elections 18:10; Marichuy and Leftist Indigenous Politics 19:1-5; Argentina's 2017 Midterm Elections 19:9-10

Energy: Mexico's Gasolinazo 1:10-12

Gang: Arrest of MS-13 Leader 7/8:27

Human Rights: OAS Complicit in Human Rights Abuses in Brazil 7/8:37

Immigration: "Wet Foot, Dry Foot" 1:3-4; "Catch and Release" 4/5:2-55 Argentinian immigration 4/5:7-11; Colombian refugees in Venezuela 4/5:1617; False Rising Crime Narrative on Nicaraguan Immigrants 9:10-13; Ending TPS for Haitian Immigrants 10/11:4-8; Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Migration in Central America 10/11:17 20

Indigenous Peoples: Nicaraguan indigenous culture 6:9-11; Marichuy and Leftist Indigenous Politics 19:1-5; Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Massacred on "Uncontacted Frontier" 19:5-8

Neoliberalism : Maori's Neoliberal Economic Policies 7/8 т-15

Oil: Oil Discovered in Guyana 9 :i-8; OPEC Cuts and Venezuelan Oil 12:4-7

Populism: Evo Morales and Donald Trump 1:4-10

Trade: NAFTA 2/3:11-15

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