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Magazine article The Spectator


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Did that happen?

What psychics foresaw for 2017:

-- 'Crash in euro, Denmark and Italy leaving the EU; North and South Korea becoming one country as Kim Jong-un is overthrown; a worldwide flu epidemic'

(Craig Hamilton-Parker, 'psychic who predicted Brexit, Trump and Nice attack', the Sun, 20 January 2017).

-- 'Moon will turn green; two volcanoes will erupt in Italy; leaning tower of Pisa collapsing; Cuba becomes 51st US state; pandas will start eating each other in China; cows will start to disappear in the Swiss Alps, leading to a chocolate shortage' (Nikki, 'psychic to the stars'. She did predict terror attacks in Manchester, New York and London, but also in Las Vegas, Paris, LA, Madrid, Istanbul, Riyadh, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Rome, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Sydney and other cities).

Marking time

Some lesser-known anniversaries of 2018:

50th The first supersonic airliner took to the skies: the Russian Tu-144, which flew on 31 December 1968, two months before Concorde. However, a prototype crashed at the Paris airshow in 1973, and another in 1978, putting an end to the programme.

50th Half a century of the postcode.

100th The first female bookmaker, Helen Vernet, took to Ascot racecourse. …

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