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To make a bold statement with containers, try the following varieties of X /Hangave, a lesser-known hybrid succulent that resembles agaves. Foliage of Manfreda undulata 'Mint Chocolate Chip' is wavy and purple-spotted; 'Kaleidoscope' is variegated green, yellow, and pink; and 'Silver Fox' has serrated edges. Grow mangaves in full or partial sun during the summer and bring indoors before the season's first frost.

Move tender summer bulbs- such as alocasia, tuberous begonia, caladium, calla, canna, dahlia, and pineapple lily-into outdoor containers. Remove from their winter pots and plant, or, for easier cleanup in the fall, simply bury the entire container.

Sow seeds of beans, corn, cucumber, and squash directly into the ground after danger of frost is past. Cover with lightweight horticultural fabric to prevent bird and pest damage. Keep soil consistently damp until the seeds germinate, and remove fabric when new growth reaches 6 inches tall.

A winning drought-tolerant succulent option is Plant Select's Delosperma Granita Raspberry with cheerful flowers from spring through early fall. Place this vigorous grower in full sun with well-drained soil where it can spread. At 1 to 2 inches tall, it is perfect for rock gardens or between paving stones away from foot traffic.


Prune sedum stalks in half when they reach 1 foot to prevent flopping later in the season. Create denser groupings by stripping leaves from the bottom 3 inches of each cut stem and placing in soil just outside established plants. …

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