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Coordinating Calendars

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Coordinating Calendars

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The interview is one of the most fundamental aspects of an organization's hiring process, but getting those appointments on everyone's calendars can be a logistical nightmare. And relying on a tedious manual system may leave candidates with a bad first impression.

"People don't have their calendars up-to-date, or they cancel and reschedule constantly," says Lin Lin Phan, talent operations manager at MuleSoft, a San Francisco-based technology firm. "Things happen, and we're the ones who have to step in and find a replacement interviewer before it has a negative effect on the candidate's experience."

Fortunately, technology can help with automation tools that streamline the scheduling process.


Interview scheduling is one of the first experiences a candidate has with an employer, so it's important to get it right. "You can imagine how disrespected candidates feel when the interview takes too long to set up or is constantly being rescheduled," says Danielle Weinblatt, founder and CEO of New York City-based recruiting automation software company ConveyIQ.

Manual processes can also be error-prone, especially for organizations with high volumes of candidates and positions. Benefits of automation include increased efficiency and productivity for recruiters, a reduced time to fill positions, and an enhanced candidate experience since individuals can self-schedule and reschedule from any device. "Interview-scheduling software helps eliminate back-and-forth e-mails and time-intensive phone calls, allows the hiring team to view upcoming interview schedules in real time, and lets them spend more time sourcing and engaging with candidates," says Steve Tiufekchiev, chief evangelist at Chicago-based recruiting software company Yello.

Here's how it works: Once a candidate is selected for screening, recruiters provide the job seeker with available time slots by e-mail or SMS text message. "The tool goes through all the interviewers' online calendars and digests their availability in real time," says Ahryun Moon, CEO and co-founder of San Francisco-based interview-scheduling platform GoodTime. "Recruiters can access both the candidates' and interview team's schedules to set multiple interviews at once and quickly make real-time changes."

A variety of interviews, including phone screens, onsite panels and video meetings, can be set up on all the participants' calendars, and anyone can make changes without the recruiter being involved. The system automatically confirms appointments, syncs with the applicant tracking system, and sends reminder notifications to candidates and interviewers by e-mail or text.


There is a broad range of software available, including enterprise platforms such as ConveyIQ, GoodTime and Yello, as well as free, basic tools like Calendly. …

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