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Tiffany Haddish + John Legend

Magazine article Variety

Tiffany Haddish + John Legend

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TIFFANY HADDISH So I wanted to ask you - how did you decide to do "Jesus Christ Superstar"?

JOHN LEGEND Well, when somebody calls you up and says, "We want you to play Jesus Christ in "Jesus Christ Superstar," live on NBC, Easter Sunday," that's pretty attractive. That's pretty appealing. It's a challenge to do it. A lot of people are gonna be watching, and it's some pressure on, but I felt like, I gotta do it.

HADDISH Wasn't the main thing like, "I'm gonna be the first black Jesus on TV"?

LEGEND Yeah, that was exciting too. I didn't know if they had ever had another black Jesus in a major production of it before, but I knew how we've seen Jesus historically, and if you look at so many representations you've seen of him, most of the time he's white. He's got blond hair and light eyes, even though he's supposed to be from the Middle East. So it was nice to show people that we could see someone of brown skin playing Jesus, and the whole cast was really diverse too.

HADDISH I was so proud. You know, when I was in high school, we did a production of "Jesus Christ Superstar."

LEGEND What did you play?

HADDISH I was just a member of the town. I was in the back.

LEGEND There are no small parts, they say

HADDISH I stood out. I love to sing. I'm just not the best at it.

LEGEND Now, the first time I saw you at the comedy club, we walked out after your set because we felt like we didn't need to see anybody else because you were amazing. I told [my wife] Chrissy [Teigen], "I feel like she's gonna be famous." I'm not trying to act like I'm a scout or anything, like I know comedy, but I felt like you should be famous and now you're famous.

HADDISH I made it! I've been working for years now I've been at the Laugh Factory since I was 15 years old.

LEGEND Your career is just blossoming. And now you're in "The Last O.G." Do you like doing TV as compared to doing film?

HADDISH I'm first a stand-up comedian. I need the instant gratification. I might be an attention whore a little bit. When I was doing "The Carmichael Show," we had a live studio audience. …

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