Magazine article Variety

Actors on Actors

Magazine article Variety

Actors on Actors

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Jason Bateman


" I'm really attracted to characters that are sort of the everyman, or the straight man, or the sane guy, or really just a proxy for the audience. And it's probably why I'm drawn to directing as well, because that lane is where the audience has their 'in' to what's going on. As a director, you're pulling all those levers, and deciding what the audience is seeing and feeling and hearing."

Bill Hader


" [Alec Berg] and I hung out, we talked and then we came up with this idea. I remember saying, 'What if I was a hit man?' And he went, 'I hate hit men. I hate the guy with the skinny tie and the two guns - it's just holding it sideways.' And I just went, 'No, but it'd be me.' He went, 'Oh, OK. That's good.'"

Sharon Stone


"I don't think that's a selfish thing to do the thing you love and that you're good at. I think that's what we're supposed to do in life. But we get programmed to toe the line, and we forget that discipline is freedom. And if you really are disciplined and you really are disciplined to the thing that you are meant to be, it should be joyful."

Debra Messing


"I was concerned that we would be censored, frankly You know that we weren't going to be able to be what we always were. And from its inception, the DNA of 'Will & Grace,' it was always provocative, it was always pushing boundaries, it was always talking about what's happening right now in politics and in pop culture."

Kyle MacLachlan


"One of the joys of acting is you continue learn. …

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