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Magazine article New Internationalist

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Last profiled March 1992


While recent decades have seen the birth of a new middle class, millions, particularly rural ethnic minorities, have been left behind.

LITERACY | ★★★★·

93%. Education is supposedly free, but schools frequently levy fees that sometimes lock out the poorest students.


76 years. Healthcare is free on paper, although bureaucratic caveats on treatment sometimes lead to patients greasing the system with bribes.


While the party lauds the role of women in the anti-French and American wars, Vietnam's skewed gender ratio speaks to the value placed on men over women.

FREEDOM | ★····

Dissent is banned in Vietnam, with not even a token tolerance of opposition to the ruling Communist Party present. Joining a protest movement can result in penalties ranging from termination at work to serving hard time for 'abusing democratic freedom'. …

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