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Magazine article Natural History

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Sea turtle rescue efforts

Sea turtles are usually not found on Oregon or Washington beaches ["Flying Turtles and Other Means of Rescue" by Tony LaCasse 2/19]. The Oregon Coast Aquarium typically sees extremely sick turtles in winter, possibly due to cold water temperatures, changing currents, and high frequency of harsh storms that wash hypothermic turtles ashore. In January, two rescued olive ridley sea turtles in our care died despite strong staff efforts to safe them. As always with animals with sustained injuries, there are a lot of challenges through recovery.

Sally Compton

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Newport, OR

At the end of the fourth grade, we had to come up with a subject that we would like to study more and create a project called "genius hour." I focused on sea turtles after hearing about the New England Aquarium's sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation. I wanted to help raise money and awareness and help reduce the use of plastic bags, so I choose to make and sell reusable bags and donate the money to the sea turtle rescue. I also make and sell clay sea turtles, themed bracelets, and turtle silver rings. So far, I've raised $1556 with all profits going to the sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation program at the Aquarium.

Heidi Bell

Peterborough, NH

Women as chattel

I was astonished to read in "Opium's Human History" by Lucy Inglis [3/19] that La Marmotta people brought with them, "women and children, pigs, sheep, goats, two different breeds of dogs, and an array of their plants and seed . . ." Perhaps the author should have shortened that list by using the inclusive, fourteenth-century word "chattel."

Julie Reich

Philadelphia, PA

It may be argued that Neolithic cultures were not feminist/ egalitarian, but is enough known about the inhabitants of La Marmotta to make that argument? It's not even known where they came from. Moreover, even if we knew they didn't consider women to be human, we are not bound to share their view.

Susan McCarthy

San Francisco, CA

It is hard for me to grasp how an author, today, could first identify people, then speak of women and children as addons, grouped with possessions and livestock. …

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