Magazine article Herizons

When You're Hot to Trot

Magazine article Herizons

When You're Hot to Trot

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Shall we dance? Oh, baby, yes, let's dance! Come to the April Follies or the Gay Games, but let's dance! Hot to Trot is a vivid and moving film that introduces viewers to the world of same-sex ballroom dancing, one in which you never know who will be wearing a tux and who will be wearing a gown.

It's a world in which there are no set gender roles. When two women or two men dance together, there are just roles- follow or lead. As one event organizer says, "There's Fred and Fred and there's Ginger and Ginger."

It's a world of lithe bodies, passionate commitment and intimate-not necessarily sexual-relationships where the only traditional thing about the couples on the floor is the rhythm to which they're executing classic ballroom dances-the waltz, rumba, chacha, fox trot and tango, plus Latin and jive.

The dancers are living LGBTQpolitics to a soundtrack of glorious music. Says one dancer, "Dancing is an expression of our life," while an event organizer adds, "It's about community and politics, and community is so much more important when you're a target group."

Produced by Gail Freedman, Hot to Trot was shot over four years and features four dancers and their backstories. Woven into the film's dance segments, the personal stories make for some of the most touching moments in the film. We hear stories of coming out, struggles with intimate relationships, health issues, homophobia-struggles familiar to many in the LGBTQcommunity.

But on the dance floor, it's all about the dancing: intense, focused movement. …

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