Magazine article World Literature Today

Three Poems

Magazine article World Literature Today

Three Poems

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The Blind Thread

If only I were the rubbing of shoulders in crowded places,

the sympathetic applause,

the neck that turns to change the view and move a life.

If only I were the enthusiastic care-free chatter

of people coming out of a movie theater.

If only I had the contentment of floor tiles with contiguity

or the look that does not know what it sees now

that it has completely lost its connection to the eye.

If only I were a blind thread guided forward by the needle.

One of My Brothers

One of my brothers likes collecting tools and scraps:





and nails that are like vertical glances.

He collects them all, telling himself:

ruin is possible at any moment.

The Family Album

How you grew from page to page

in the family album

crying under the gaze of the mother

hidden somewhere outside the frame.

Naive among sisters,

chubby among classmates,

and while everyone else stood up,

early you discovered convincing reasons to remain seated. …

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