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Magazine article National Parks


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Great article on the dedication of the scientist Tom Gable and his research on the wolves ["Hunt and Gather"]. Tracking animals as widely ranging as the wolves is a herculean task, and these are truly magnificent animals. You mentioned that "coastal wolves" are known to eat salmon. Here is proof that they do, from Katmai National Park in August 2017. The wolves came up to us as we stood still. Getting within a few feet of them was a life treat. Great magazine and articles that encourage my park exploration and photography.


Burnet, Texas


I found the article "Naming Matters" interesting and thought-provoking. I believe that natural landmarks in this country should be named by those who first discovered them, namely Native Americans, who were here for millennia before Europeans arrived. And rather than English terms like "Bear Lodge," these places should be given their original tribal names, if they are known. Naming prominent landmarks after people who never even saw them is an example of white man's hubris, and those names should have faded away long ago.


Naples, New York

The question on the cover of the Summer issue ["Should Devils Tower Be Renamed?"] does not honestly get to the heart of the problem. The names of thousands of geographic sites in America have already been renamed (many to very offensive names). Rather than more "renaming," let's restore the original names. If there's a conflict because a site has different historic names given by various tribes, I'm confident native people can come together to creatively agree on an appropriate name. …

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