Magazine article World Literature Today

_3 Two Poems

Magazine article World Literature Today

_3 Two Poems

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Tasting Karma

Does the doctor prefer eating an apple

before he announces death? The doctor says:

"Just so-sorry." Or, he prefers studying an apple?

Mrs. Suen feels her mother's soul in our barbecued sow,

and she vomits all night. Her mother likes her pork belly

drenched in a salty pool of leeks, onions, and garlic.

Sow, her mother preferred sow. "I'm alright.

Yellow is the morning!" Mrs. Suen says. What if

blue's her lucky colour, and her motto's changed

into Blue is the morning? Will it coax her mother back?

Apicius taught: "Give the sows honeyed wine

before you kill them. Pump up their livers"

Mrs. Suen's mother died of liver cancer.

Was her previous life two thousand years ago

Apicius, and in this life she needs to pay her debt

yet-to-be-fulfilled? Will she be a sow in her next life

for she ate too much pork belly?

"Nothing can be brought away, only the karma

that follows," her mother used to say.

Mrs. Suen asks: "What more should I do

to be her daughter in my next life?"

Breakfast in Hei Hei

Not far from my peanut toast,

a voice burrs: Look! …

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