Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Swim Culture Is Well Worth Saving

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Swim Culture Is Well Worth Saving

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With regard to the threatened closure of Fenham Pool, my son is autistic, and for the past few years he has been enjoying the adult swimming sessions at Fenham.

The staff have been extremely kind and have made him feel very welcome, as have the other patrons who attend the lunchtime sessions.

For those with autism and other disabilities, access to recreational activities is very limited and this pool is one of the few places where Anthony has been made to feel accepted as part of the community.

For it to close now would be a cruel blow to him and to the many older people who make such good use of it. For them it is a chance to meet up and enjoy a quiet swim with people they have come to regard as friends.

Surely we all deserve to be part of this new city of culture which the council seems determined to create - but at what cost?

SHEILA FAY, Bells Close, Newcastle.

Going against grain is fatal

IT has not taken long for the long knives to come out against George Galloway.

History is strewn with the corpses of politicians who went against the system, which reacts thus: "You are with us or against us, and if you don't follow the rules, we'll soon find a skeleton in your cupboard."

Thomas a Becket, Thomas More, Derek Hatten. Arthur Scargill had so many allegations made against him in the miners' strike, he could have ended up doing more time than the train robbers - but not one was proven.

Scargill was crucified by right-wing journalists. Those journalists at least had the decency to apologise over the unproven accusations.

As the Queen is said to have said to Paul Burrell, there are forces in this country over which we have no control. But at least a man is still innocent until proven guilty.

W MATTINSON, Rothbury Terrace, Newcastle.

Olympic bid will be costly

HAVING declared a victory (though a Pyrrhic one) in Iraq, the Government is now moving back to the more mundane domestic issues of health, transport, jobs, the unresolved firefighters' and teachers' disputes, drugs, the tax credit shambles and law and order.

In fact, these are just some of the issues causing divisions within society, which will be reflected at the low-key local elections on May 1, and not by an election address in the letterbox or knock by a canvasser at the door. …

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