Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Odd Twist on Morality Tale

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Odd Twist on Morality Tale

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I am writing in regard to a letter, by D Brearley (Buck This Trend, 21.04.03). The letter was concerning the proposed vice tolerance zones in Middlesbrough but I found the attitudes and points made highly disturbing.

When concepts like morality and decency are used to convey an opinion, I feel it is important to remember that these are subjective ideas, and surely common sense dictates that what one person deems moral and decent, another may deem obscene.

Considering, in your poll over 70pc of your readership believe vice tolerance zones are a good idea, may I suggest that D Brearley's sense of morality and decency are in question.

The first point made is one of a supposed trend in legalising activities that cannot be effectively policed. Prostitution itself is not illegal, only soliciting and kerb crawling.

By creating tolerance zones, both of these activities would become unnecessary, removing the criminal element, which so clearly offend those of decency and taste.

The mentioned fantasy communities, plunged into moral decay and stripped of their decency, would once again become safe and prosperous areas free from pimps, gangsters, criminals and, worst of all in the opinion of the letter's author, prostitutes.

These women of sin and their customers would instead be conducting their business in a safe, clean and regulated environment, away from children, families and communities. Surely a more promising prospect for both us and them? In this day and age there can be no place for generalisations, judging these women by pre-conceptions, stripping them of their humanity and their right to help.

Schemes seeking to provide an escape route for prostitutes, such as those run by Middlesbrough Council and Barnados, would become of greater significance and surely with increased access to these women, of greater success. …

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