Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Dear Fiona

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Dear Fiona

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Byline: By Fiona Caine

Write to Fiona Caine if you have any problems with courtship, marriage or family. Letters and replies (with names strictly confidential) will be published here.

Q. For the past four years I have volunteered at a local old people's rest home. I really enjoy meeting the people and hope that when my time comes (I'm 55) I am lucky enough to get into this place. I also enjoy coming here because I have become very friendly with a man.

Perhaps more than friendly, because I think I have fallen in love with him. He's only 67 but the problem is, he only has a few months to live. He has no family; at least none that visit him and I would desperately love to tell him how I feel. I am sure it would cheer him up to know that someone cares about him. W.L.

A. It could also make him feel very sad and perhaps even depressed because, like you, he knows that he only has a few months to live. So, although it will hurt, I would advise caution. I think you know that you have no future together and, as such, the kindest thing to everyone is to keep your feelings to yourself and simply keep this relationship as it is.

Q. I am 21 and for the past two years I have been living with my boyfriend. The problem is that I am not sure that I love him any more.

We hardly see each other anyway. He works long hours, often staying away for days on end. I work for a travel company - which means that I too am away regularly. And when we do meet up all we seem to have in common is quick sex. We hardly talk to each other even then. Last week I met a guy at a training seminar and we hit it off straight away. At the end of the seminar he gave me his number and, although I feel guilty, I haven't stopped thinking about him. I feel trapped and confused. What should I do? E.V.

A. I can't tell you what to do but everything seems to suggest that your current relationship is, if not exactly over, getting fairly close. And where you go from here depends entirely on whether you want to make an effort to save it or simply walk away.

If you're not prepared to work at it then you should take steps to end it. …

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