Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Also Opening This Week

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Also Opening This Week

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(15) Kim Bodnia, Maria Bonnevie, Mikael Persbrandt. Dir: Marius Holst.

Nor, 110min

This psychological drama from Norway is set in an isolated Swedish farmhouse, whose long-time partners (Kim Bodnia, Maria Bonnevie) receive an uninvited guest, an ex-con (Mikael Persbrandt) and former lover of one of them, now out for revenge on whoever sent him to jail. The men embark on the vengeance quest, but the woman has a very nasty surprise awaiting them. The tight, claustrophobic atmosphere is punctuated by unnerving little events that may have cineastes whispering 'Polanski' before too long. Dragonflies looks set for a big-time Hollywood remake: see it before it loses its authentic intimacy.

The Clay Bird

(NC) Nurul Islam Bablu, Russell Farazi, Jayanto Chattopadhyay. Dir: Tareque Masud. Fr/Pak/Ban, 98min

Ethnic divisions in a country begin to have common resemblances whether they be Israel, Northern Ireland or, in this case, East Pakistan just before it became Bangladesh.

Filmmaker Tareque Masud returns to his childhood in the late Sixties for a story of a family riven by extreme views that reflect the country's wider, bloodier divisions that led to independence in the Seventies at a terrible cost of creating almost 10 million refugees. Though handsomely shot, the film has a documentary feel to its tensions within the orthodox Muslim household where nonviolent beliefs have to be tested against survival realities of the secular world.

La Communidad

(12A) Carmen Maura, Eduardo Antu[+ or -]a, Ma[+ or -]a Asquerino. Dir: Alex de la Iglesia.

Sp, 110min

Directed by one of Spain's new wave of filmmakers, Alex de la Iglesia, La Communidad turns out to be a powerful parable of post-Franco greed wrapped up in an effective horror story. Set mainly in a Madrid apartment block, its heroine (Carmen Maura) is an impoverished estate agent who, by grim luck, takes over the flat she tried to sell and discovers a corpse in the one above with a fortune in pesetas.

But the neighbours have got wind of her find. All the stock ingredients of Old Dark House movies are present - lifts that creak eerily, a black-comic murder attempt in a bathtub and shadows galore. …

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