Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Hair-Raising Pair Lifted My Spirits!

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Hair-Raising Pair Lifted My Spirits!

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Thank you ever so much for lifting my retirement day.

What a superb photo of twins Kain and Nathan Lowe! Absolutely lovely!

The best photo on your front page for many years! Absolutely fab!

Can we have the loan of the youngsters for a couple of hours?

Wish I had a hair-raising effect on neighbours and friends.

Lovely, let's have more like these lovely children. Congratulations to their mum and dad.

I'm a D-Day veteran and Burma Star holder, so I'm so happy to see the new generation, but please God, keep them from future wars and keep them out of those which are not our business.

- GERARD T NOON, Whetstone Green, Hexham, Northumberland.

Cameras in wrong place!

MY husband received a letter from the police this morning, telling him, he was caught driving in a 30mph area at 41mph.

He must be the slowest driver in Washington!

Now my point, we have yellow lines in front of our house, cars park often on these lines, stopping my husband from getting out of his own drive, I wish police would put cameras here.

NAME, and address supplied, Washington.

High-tec not always best

WHAT is happening to the Royal Mail?

We thought afternoon domestic delivery was a threat that would be averted by improvements, but it has arrived, just late as you might expect, the only noticeable change being return to their old title.

They should have stuck with Consignia, as the Queen might echo our displeasure by withdrawing Royal status. Or they could opt for New Labour Mail, a title reflecting their inability to deliver.

Like many another progressive business, they are finding a switchover to supercalifragilistic futuristic but expensive. Technology has left them less efficient and considerably strapped for cash. Many hands not only make light work, they are cheaper than microchips. …

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