Best Practice the Key to Health and Safety

Article excerpt

Most successful business people will tell you that they succeeded because they took a calculated risk.

But when it comes to the Health & Safety, the opposite is the rule.

Health & Safety has become one of the hottest issues around. The role of the Health & Safety professional has never been broader, busier or more pressurised.

The colleague who was once seen as responsible for dangerous substances or facilities is just as likely to receive a call from the managing director, corporate lawyer or Government agency as from the shop floor or office.

He or she will also enjoy a unique range of responsibilities, stretching from policy, security and employee safety to dangerous substances, auditing and risk management.

`Getting it right' is no longer an aspiration but a requirement; when mistakes can mean injury, environmental damage and legal proceedings, and especially when corporate responsibility legislation is at large.

The unique pressures in modern Health & Safety mean that the right decisions must be made day-in day-out and the H&S department is given the best support available.

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