Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

So-Called Art Is Blighting the City

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

So-Called Art Is Blighting the City

Article excerpt

I hope that your timely article headlined "The art of stirring trouble (Evening Chronicle, July 7) was read by Newcastle's councillors.

Perhaps Coun Flynn may recall his promise to remove the ridiculous Lego men figures from around a sacred War Memorial at the Haymarket. He said they would be removed when a buyer could be found. A typical politician's promise, since he knows perfectly well that no one would be daft enough to buy them. At pounds 270,000 they're a mite expensive to put around a children's playground.

The council shows contempt for the public with its obvious opinion that if it keeps quiet long enough, public opinion will go away.

Your article may have refocused minds, but somehow I doubt it.

M W SWAN, Fawdon, Newcastle.

Teenagers' sick diversion

I HAVE a tale to tell that will bring joy to all Geordies. It is a story of bravery in the face of adversity and will stir the blood if you have ever faced a ferocious animal.

Last week a tribe of brave heroes was hunting along the Ouseburn walk beside the City farm. They espied some prey to take home to their starving families, so, as hunter/gatherers do, they armed themselves with weapons taken from the habitat they were in. These happened to be large rocks, as the tide was out.

These nine heroes then crushed the prey with the said rocks and danced the dance of the victorious.

The prey must have been too large for them to carry as they left their bounty where it fell and never came back.

These nine heroes were Geordie teenagers. Their prey were 17-day-old ducklings. They crushed them with large rocks taken from the riverbed and left the site laughing.

It makes me wonder what the world will be like when these brain-dead morons start to produce their own offspring. Will they tell their children of their heroic deeds so that they can copy them? Then again, if I ever catch them they will not be able to have children.

JOE FLOOD, Fenham, Newcastle.

Stand firm in your disputes

I AM writing to you to highlight something that happened to my husband and me in January this year and has only recently been resolved.

We went through a garage car wash and heard a loud crunch. …

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