Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Hellish Trip for Animals

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Hellish Trip for Animals

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New EU regulations to ease the suffering of livestock being transported across Europe are to be welcomed but whether they will be adhered to is another matter.

Existing regulations are being flouted now and even laughed at in some countries which do not recognise animals as sentient beings.

Sending livestock overland and sea lasting days on end without food, water and rest, defies civilised conduct and should be ended.

The crocodile tears of pro-hunt British livestock breeders constantly broadcasting the myth that foxes carry off baby lambs apparently don't object to their precious lambs suffering a hellish journey ending in diabolical slaughter at some far flung foreign abattoir.

NW, Wallsend.

Who stole my duck?

WHAT is wrong with people today? I have a nice garden with various stone animals dotted around until I had one stolen, a bronze duck.

Now they are all securely cemented to the ground. Even so, I bought a stone windmill on which I carefully painted the door and windows. It did look nice perched on a stone platform and the children from the school next door, Walkergate Primary, often stopped as well as younger children to look at my garden.

Today when I came back from walking Rosie the dog, some thief, and it couldn't have been a child as it was far to heavy to carry any distance, stole it from the garden.

I hope they can sit and enjoy it themselves because if I ever see it in anyone's garden beware.

WC, Walkergate, Newcastle.

Misery on my walk

AS a 72-year-old pensioner I have few pleasures in life, (apart from the odd sherry).

I like to walk my pet rottweiller Trixie along the Waggonway from Throckley to Wylam.

Unfortunately three things are spoiling my daily routine: joggers, cyclists and horse riders.

Firstly, joggers: surely the most miserable people on the planet, (do they all live in Gateshead? …

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