Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Last Week's Date; Blind Date

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Last Week's Date; Blind Date

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SO.UK SO.HO, 93 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1

Last week Sarah, 26, a Legal Information Officer from Islington chose Wil, 23, a journalist from Oxford

WHY? I chose Wil as it seemed from his answers that we had the most in common and he struck me as the most intelligent. He had a friendly photo and sounded the most fun - he was also the best-looking.

How it went

Sarah says:

I was very pleased when I saw Wil as he looked like he did in his photo - pretty good-looking and friendly. He was dressed casually, which was nice as I like men that don't dress up too much. We started chatting immediately and it felt very relaxed, plus he was quite laid-back, which helped. As soon as we'd had a few drinks the conversation really flowed.

We chatted about everything, from family through to our jobs, and we had fairly similar taste in films and music. It was a nice restaurant and we shared a big plate of seafood.

We laughed about whether or not we were flirting together. Silly conversations like 'Have you been flirting with me?' 'No, are you?' Yeah, we both were flirting quite a bit. I thought at the beginning that there wasn't any chemistry between us but later on when we'd relaxed a bit more I started to think there was. Wil struck me as being a real gentleman - his manners were impeccable with things like opening doors. He also said he wasn't sure if he should've bought me a gift, like a flower (I'm quite pleased he didn't).

He was very interesting and seemed a lot older than 23. His job sounds good - he reads the news on a local radio station. They've been talking about him going on a blind date on air, which was quite funny.

We talked a lot about what we were going to say about the date. He suggested we say we'd fallen in love, or we slag each other off. Butwe just agreed to be nice about each other. …

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