Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Avid Readers Find Material Everywhere

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Avid Readers Find Material Everywhere

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Byline: Terry Dickson, Times-Union staff writer

It started with Loreena Kay Little, or Miss Kay to all the first-, second- and third-graders she taught at two-room Williford Elementary School in the 1950s.

Miss Kay was married to Bit Little, a mildly successful farmer, but we kids called her by the same name our parents had used when she had taught them as a young, single teacher.

Miss Kay taught me to read, just as she did hundreds of others.

"Oh, Oh, Oh,'' I read aloud as I sat around a big oak table with Freddy McCown, Ronnie Busby and a few other classmates. "Look. Look. Look. See Jane run.''

It has been addictive, this reading. The cereal box was always beside my plate at breakfast because I was reading it. Even today, most of our talk at the dining room table starts with Vonette, with the newspaper in front of her, asking something like, "Did you read this about the man who got a DUI for riding a lawn mower in a graveyard? They also charged him with cruelty to animals because the pet duck he had with him was drunk, too.''

I absolutely love to read, but we're finding reading material in too many places. Just about every flat surface has some information printed on it.

You women may not experience this, but men get advice in the men's room. You know those little plastic screens over the urinal drains that catch the gum and cigarette butts? Well, they encourage men to "Say no to drugs.'' We're not in there to read, and the message is off base. Wouldn't it be better to say, "This is not an ashtray?''

A golf tee is a very small thing, but there's enough room for some advertising.

I picked up one last week that says, "David Babcock. Man of the People.''

Now I don't know this David Babcock, but I figure at some point he was running for office as a Republican. …

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