Police Briefing; Man Charged in Assault, Battery Dispute with Woman Got Violent

Article excerpt

Byline: Dan Scanlan, Times-Union staff writer

A 24-year-old Mandarin man was arrested Tuesday on charges of aggravated assault, battery and false imprisonment after he attacked a 19-year-old woman and locked her inside her apartment at 8787 Southside Blvd., police said.

Police were called at 12:30 a.m., and the responding officer rushed up to an apartment after a neighbor told him to "Hurry up and get in there; he's beating her up," according to the police report. The officer got to the apartment in time to hear "slamming noises" inside, but no one responded to repeated knocking after 10 minutes, according to the report. After calling the apartment complex maintenance staff and his sergeant, the officer heard a loud crash from inside, followed by the sound of someone trying to unlock the door and a woman screaming, "Please don't hurt me." Deciding that someone inside could be in danger, two officers kicked in the door to find a woman sitting on the floor covering her head and a man standing over her looking like he was going to hit her.

Police said the incident started late the night before, when the man came home and started throwing things around the apartment before throwing the woman against a wall.

When the woman tried to leave, the man pulled her into a closet and threatened to beat her if she tried to leave. Police said he also threw items at her and slapped her in the face. …


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