Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Student Digs Are So out of Hand

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Student Digs Are So out of Hand

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I am writing as to draw your attention to the total disregard by our local council for residents' rights and feelings.

In the last five years there have been five student blocks built in Shieldfield, causing problems for a small area which has a high number of elderly and disabled people.

The noise levels are rising, every bit of space is being blocked up and the influx of cars has become ridiculous.

It seems the council is intent on turning this area into a student camp site, despite the damage it is doing to the community.

Pedestrians are at risk, cars constantly block the pavements and the emergency services have problems getting down the streets.

Surely there is other land to build on outside the town centre. students get discounts for travel permits etc., so why do they all have to live on the university's doorstep?

MICHAEL APPLEBY, Shieldfield, Newcastle.

We'd do better outside the EU

I CANNOT help but smile with amusement whenever I read letters such as that headlined "EU cash has flooded in" (Evening Chronicle, August 9). If the writers of such letters widened their reading horizons, they would discover that it costs Britain more than pounds 1.5 million per hour to be in the EU. That adds up to pounds 252 million per week, and we have been paying that amount of money into the EU for many years now. As for the so-called grants we receive from the EU, they are only a pathetic pittance compared with the multi-billions we pay year after year after year into the EU coffers.

Britain could, and should, withdraw from the EU and prosper 10-fold by doing so. We buy more from the EU than it buys from us, and it is a fact easily verified that only one in 10 British jobs rely on European trade. If the pounds 252 million we give each week to the EU were kept in Britain and spent for the benefit of the British people, the quality of life in Britain would be truly excellent.

The NHS, education, housing, transport and all social services would have all the funds required and spare. Britain could also join the North American Free Trade Association (we have been invited to do so) and our economy would flourish by leaps and bounds.

We are a free independent nation and we should put British interests first and foremost. There is really nothing to stop us doing this. Our so-called European Union partners would of course try to stop us, but we should stand firm and say simply: "Britain and the British people first and foremost."

ERNEST WATSON, North Kenton, Newcastle.

Society must be more firm

IT seems the squeamish minorities are really rather bloodthirsty. "Magpies? Let them fly free to kill as nature intended!" The fact is that their numbers swelled unnaturally under protection, an error that needs correction to save smaller species. …

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