Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Debbie McCabe Is an Atkins Devotee

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Debbie McCabe Is an Atkins Devotee

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After giving birth to two children in the space of 17 months, at the age of 39 I found myself at least two-and-a-half stone overweight and very tired.

Almost three-and-a-half years on the weight still hadn't shifted - at all - so it was time for action.

My husband, a forty-something workaholic, had added even more pounds than me to his frame and we embarked on the Atkins Diet together after deciding that our very high carbohydrate diet was the road to ruin.

Don had bought me the book for Christmas - how's that for an incentive - and after reading it we finally started the diet in April.

I also had blood tests on my liver and kidneys to ensure they were functioning correctly.

The first day I felt dreadful, raging headache, nausea - I was in bed by 8pm. By lunchtime the second day I felt much better and by day four I felt a massive surge in energy levels which have continued to this day.

Don felt sick for eight days but by then the scales had started to register dramatic weight loss and once we had worked out it was the butter, we switched to olive oil and he too felt so much better.

We stayed on induction for about six weeks.

No, we didn't eat bread, sugar, potatoes, fizzy drinks, crisps, pasta or rice or drink any alcohol, but we did eat lots of fresh vegetables, salad, fish, eggs, cheese and meat, and we drank gallons of fresh water.

Gradually the weight loss slowed as we added more carbohydrates in the form of strawberries, melon and different vegetables - more than the recommended five servings each day.

The diet has forced us to search out many different kinds of vegetables and recipes to keep our interest - pureed cauliflower and onion is a brilliant substitute for potato on cottage pie - squashes work the same.

I make courgette nut bread with soya flour to replace the thick white sliced we survived on and everyone - dieters and "thin" people alike - think it is wonderful. …

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