Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

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A day oot

It wis in the summer

I'v fowty three

A show on team valley

We went ti see

Ind on the way doon

At the station Low Fell

We leaned ower a bridge

A train passed, worra smell

We saw these gallawas

Runnin free

Lowpin aal ower

As if fill iv glee

But that didn't stop wi

Be `in oot wis a thrill

Saw Ravensworth castle

Just off Lobley Hill

Wor bait wis aal gone

So wi did what we could

We climbed and we played

In Washingwell Wood

We saw in the field

Were the gypsies wis campin

The waater wis runnin

Their tents it wis swampin

Then we crossed ower the fields

Past the horses ind carts

Aa slipped on a wet patch

And fell in the clarts

Me ma wis real mad

Cos me clays wis aal hackey

Am I just here to feed yi

Ind be your lackey

Noo gerroff ti bed

Or aal skelp ya face

Ind yi get nee supper

Till yee say grace

Ee but wher've yi been

On this lovely day

It seems like ages

Since yi went away

Wiv been ti team valley ma

Ind Ravensworth Castle

Ti Washingwell Woods

Nee bother nee hassle

Wiv had a good day

Ind it's helped wi forget

Theres a war gannin on

Ind it's not ower yet

So settle doon ma

Divvent be in a hurry

Ya bairns are aal yem

Yiv nee need ti worry

Goodnight ma

BOB WILSON, Satley Gardens, Gateshead

The song

Just that song

You sang as Venus's believer

To soul of all who listened

Faint hearts kissed the truth

And many waltzed in line for new tomorrows

While covers want to know again the grip of mystery

By the ways of Bond and summer madness

The song skips past mundane and weariness

In the heat or cool of all endeavours

Concern will bring you back

There will always be an open door

For a sad child or changes in a world. …

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