Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Blair Surrenders All That Is British

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Blair Surrenders All That Is British

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Reading the report (Chronicle, October 1) headlined Blair Cheered on by Party Calls for Winning Speech", I wondered if these same MPs had read the report in a national newspaper in which a German lieutenant-general made it clear that he would command British troops.

He also made it clear that "national governments will have to surrender their authority over their armies". Our Prime Minister's repeated assurances that he would never surrender control of British forces are exposed as meaningless gibberish, after he bowed to Franco-German plans for an EU military command.

I wonder if those cheering MPs were aware of these facts? Most probably they were and it didn't bother them, because surrender of all things British appears to be the aim of this Government.

ERNEST WATSON, Park View Court, North Kenton.

We cannot afford aid

GORDON Brown has promised oodles of aid to relieve poverty and starvation in Africa, a continent rich in mineral resources which, where exploited at all, are benefiting only a few.

Billionaire leaders who spend a fortune financing terrorism and fomenting hatred for the West, will welcome a new infusion of funds to arm their loyal supporters; the rest will simply carry on starving. Meanwhile, the United Nations did nothing to oppose expulsion of industrious white farmers, as aggressors bit the hand that fed them, and the little boy soldiers still continue killing their brothers.

This aid will come from a country almost on its knees, heavy industry destroyed, education and health care collapsing, over-populated but soon to be swamped by an avalanche of refugees from East European states being accepted into the EU, where pensioners pleading for more are being robbed by further tax increases by an uncharitable Chancellor, and the homeless are living in cardboard boxes.

It's a strange world. Dickens was right, as usual - charity begins at home.


Highlight NHS weaknesses

HOW sad that an extensive survey said our cancer survival rate is the worst in Europe (Chronicle, September 26).

The National Health Service will not improve until the doctors and politicians admit its weak points. …

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