Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

It's OK to Pig out Every Now and Then

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

It's OK to Pig out Every Now and Then

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Q: Every so often I get the urge to sit down in front of the television and pig out. Is it really that sinful to let your hair down once in a while?

A: What a brave soul you are to ask such a question! You have been bold enough to put into words what everyone else is thinking but dare not ask.

Most people wouldn't dare ask because they wouldn't want to hear the answer they expect to get from The Diet Coach. They'd rather just not know so that they can carry on doing what they have always done - pig out in front of the telly.

Now here's the surprise; I'm not going to say what you expect. Those of you who are getting used to my rather unusual anti-dieting approach to weight loss will begin to expect the unexpected.

Yes, sometimes it will be OK to sit in front of the television and pig out but . . . You didn't really think there wouldn't be a "but"?

Let's go back a stage or two. Let's try and work out why you want to eat junk food until you're stuffed. I will hazard a guess that it is because you feel deprived of junk food. You consider it "bad"; you consider it "sinful"; it is on your list of no-nos. So of course you want it all the more.

It's just like the pink elephant. If I tell you not to think about a pink elephant, of course the first thing that pops into your mind is a pink elephant. It is just the same with junk food. If I tell you not to eat ice-cream, what do you crave? Ice-cream, of course. You will be OK without it for a week or three, and then you snap. All you want is ice-cream and you sit down one night (or three) in front of the telly pigging out on ice-cream. You will go completely over the top because you have been without it, or whatever other junk food is your downfall.

How could you reshape the situation? If junk food was not forbidden you probably would not crave it quite so much. …

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