Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Greenhouse Gases Link to Materials?

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Greenhouse Gases Link to Materials?

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With reference to the production of greenhouse gases and their effect on global warming, can anyone tell me if any in-depth research has been done to see if greenhouse gases are being produced when bricks, concrete, mortar, tarmac and other materials used in construction are heated by the rays of the sun or come into contact with carbonic acid (rainwater) or acid rain?

At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th Century, the human population of the Earth was approximately 800 million people. The human population of the Earth today is in excess of six billion people.

In an effort to accommodate the continued population increase, there are now a great deal more buildings, skyscrapers, roads, vehicle, bridges and electricity pylons etc, than at any other time in history.

All of these structures absorb heat during the day and release that heat at night. This additional heat contributes to increased global temperature. The big question is are some of the materials used in construction also releasing greenhouse gases as they react with the environment?


Views over asylum seekers challenged

ONCE again the asylum seekers' champion Peter Sagar is afforded further space on your letters page.

His letters inform us of the great suffering and abuses that these many asylum seekers have been subjected to.

No doubt there are a number of genuine asylum seekers but the seemingly incessant rhetoric by Peter Sagar is doing nothing to further their cause.

He often tells us that in spite of the Home Office making it ever more difficult to gain asylum, the majority of cases are upheld as genuine.

This appears to go against the many reports which appear to state thousands of asylum seekers are "missing in this country" and as many more are awaiting to be deported.

More annoying is the fact that many of these so-called asylum seekers have travelled through many safe countries to reach our shores, another point which is never mentioned.

I, like many others, are not against the genuine asylum seeker, what we are fed up with is the continual arrival of many fit, and obviously well-nourished asylum seekers for whom the "only abuse" they have suffered is the rejection by this country. …

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