Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

When Are We Going to Get Wise about Blair?

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

When Are We Going to Get Wise about Blair?

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When are the British people going to get wise about this man Tony Blair? He has proved to be a man not to be trusted.

The position he holds as Prime Minister gives him power to consider what he thinks and says goes, irrespective of the views of his Members of Parliament and the public's opinion.

When are we going to get someone to challenge this person and put him in his place before he wrecks the country completely?


Far distant targets on region under attack

HOW in Heavens can this Jekyll and Hyde government have the nerve?

At the drop of a hat the PM plunged us into warfare.

Now again, even with MPs' counsel, the PM and henchman Mr Brown still rejects worthy advice. This time concerning regional policies. These are of most importance, they concern everyone throughout the country, their living standards and their prospects. Setting up far distant targets has been a favourite stance by these two archers.

As for hitting them, well just ask the people on the street. Claiming regional disparities don't exist seems a ignorant judgment.

It is impossible to assess their decisions after the year 2012 has been made the deadline for research to seek further proof on the inequality of the regions.

Are they using this as a get-out clause for their inability to redeem themselves, or is there something else they are not telling us about? Using the future as a scapegoat is perhaps their way of buying time.What doesn't concern them concerns a lot of others, pensioners, those less well off, as well as the rest of this generation.They don't want a 10-year sentence to look forward to.


Withdraw from EU bureaucracy

THE Prime Minister's outright rejection of a referendum on the EU constitution is the penultimate step before the complete destruction of our sovereignty.

The issue must now be one of complete withdrawal from the unelected, unrepresentative, EU bureaucracy.

We, the British people, now have our sovereign on our side. …

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