Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

CS Lewis - A Daily Dose

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

CS Lewis - A Daily Dose

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Byline: By Francis Wood

Reading the Bible is like eating fish. It's no good trying to consume too much at a time. You need someone to fillet it for you or you could choke over the bones. Now publisher HarperCollins has come up with the idea that the Christian writer C S Lewis requires similar treatment. By taking some of his best-known works and clipping them into bite-size portions, they have produced A Year with C S Lewis (pounds 16.99). In a book of 365 pages (plus indices), we now have a thought-provoking piece to last us through the day.

Someone coming to these books for the first time could well be inspired to seek out the originals, but lovers of Lewis may well be irritated.

In my youth, I found Lewis's popular theology appealing and this collection will be a valuable bedside book in the coming year.

Don't expect the Chronicles of Narnia to feature. But for a daily thought without a prayer or a hymn, this book could provide useful daily wisdom.


Tonight we reclaim the hour we saved back in March when we put the clocks forward. So, at two o'clock tomorrow morning, the clocks will "stop" when most of us are fast asleep. What an opportunity going begging! Millions of man-hours going to waste.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to stop the clocks at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon? We could tell the nation to use the extra hour to do something they'd always intended to do, if only they had "a little more time". The trouble is we go through life gathering a backlog of good intentions. Even with all our labour-saving devices, we never have enough time.

We could write those letters, call at the hospital, take granny some flowers. We could call it the Good Neighbour Hour. What do you think would happen? Sadly, nobody would do anything. Because one thing's certain. If you don't plan your time, you just fritter it away. We know we have to budget our money or run into trouble. …

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