Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Parent Talk

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Parent Talk

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Byline: By Shona Russell

Bringing up babies and children isn't always an easy job. Shona Russell aims to help you with practical guidance and information, based on her experience as a counsellor, a child-care writer and mother-of-three. If you've got an issue you think she can deal with, write to her here at the Evening Chronicle. She'll do her best to share some down-to-earth advice.

Q. My doctor has told me nothing could have prevented me miscarrying my much-wanted baby, and to try again as soon as we want.

But I can't help wondering if there was something I should have done, something I should have avoided doing, that would have allowed my pregnancy to get beyond the seven week point.

I had been trying to have a baby for two years and we were about to seek specialist fertility treatment when I realised I had at last conceived. I had about two weeks of euphoria, thrilled and delighted at my dream coming true when I started to bleed. Very quickly, I lost the baby and I felt as if all my dreams were shattered. My husband was upset too, but I think he did not feel it as deeply as I did, and do. He says we can try again as soon as possible, and of course we will, but I am scared the same thing will happen. I keep thinking that if only I hadn't been in a smoky atmosphere (I went to a pub for lunch shortly after I would have conceived), or played a game of tennis (which I also did) somehow things would have been different.

A. Feeling sad and even guilty after a miscarriage is normal, even when the miscarriage was an early one, like yours. In times gone by, women didn't even know they were pregnant at seven weeks - you were told to wait until you had missed two periods before thinking you could be pregnant and before actually getting the pregnancy confirmed. It's likely a lot of women miscarried in the past and simply thought it was a late period. …

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