Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

TAXES; Passing the Bucks

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

TAXES; Passing the Bucks

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One thing that makes Florida attractive to new residents and business is the relatively low level of taxation.

That makes it unattractive to those whose goal is to raise taxes as high as possible. This week, they are in high dudgeon over a St. Petersburg Times report on the corporate income tax, showing that Florida residents are spared $1.2 billion in additional taxation every year by tax exemptions.

That's good news, of course. But it was treated by the paper, and Democrat politicians, as bad news because it means the state government could have $1.2 billion more to spend.

But, for what? All the state's needs are being met with the $52 billion it already spends.

Those who favor higher taxes and spending refer to the exemptions as "loopholes."

That is inaccurate. A loophole in the law is defective wording that allows someone to do something contrary to the legislative intent of the law.

Every tax exemption was a deliberate decision by the Legislature to encourage certain kinds of activity favored by the people of Florida. …

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